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Explosive detection dogs

Explosive detection dogs are so important as never before!
All over the world dependable security systems are tested and discussed.
Explosive detection machines, reacting on steam pressure,
are demonstrable working slow and unreliable.

Searches are often carried out only purely optically.
The security risk continues to exist, but we are not helpless.
Really qualified explosive detection dogs with well
trained dog leaders are a reliable alternative.

Recently explosive searching dogs are admitted by the EU officially

for detecting explosives, as well as in the private security area.
Nationwide explosive searching dogs are used for a long time by authorities.



Security  Explosive and bomb attacks are a real threat. They occur without warning and we are an easy target if unprepared. The bombdog is a reliable detector. The trained bombdog can work anytime in any location. This allows us to prevent a surprise attack. Obviously this reduces the probability of an attack.  
Quality   Current explosive detection machines are extremely expensive. Their reliability is at
times questionable. The bombdog utilizing its scent abilities is predictably reliable. Bomb dogs have an excellent track record as witnessed by their current use with Police, Customs, Border Patrol and Military.  
Flexibility   A bomb dog can quickly respond to any scene that poses a threat. They are extremely mobile and flexible. They are trained to ride in various forms of transports. They easily are trained to ride not only in ground vehicles but also helicopters or planes. If the need arises a bomb dog can quickly be trained to detect a new odor
if a new threat is presented by terrorist.  
Efficiency  bomb dogs can work as a much faster pace then a explosive dector machine. Bomb dogs are not only much faster then the machines but much more accurate. We always have multiple explosive dogs at the work site so we can work without the need of breaks while maintaining our excellent standards of security. This is accomplished by rotating our dogs throughout the search. Dogs do not require he highly technical form of maintaince like a explosive dector machine yet they can provide a 24 hour service when properly deployed.  



Our bomb dogs are trained for work in all possible circumstances,

and can be used for security in VIP areas, living areas, freight areas,

aircraft, vehicles, stages and podiums.

Our bomb dogs are trained by experienced police canine handlers.

We have our own training fields. We can house trainers and dogs on

our site during training, and can provide support. Training can also be

done inland or in other countries. Our dogs are trained to recognize all

military, commercial and self-made chemical components.

Further education
We are available to provide advanced courses about bomb dogs,

as well as instruction on their handling and safety issues.

We can provide target dates upon request.

We sell trained bomb dogs which can be purchased

locally and in foreign countries.

We would be glad to provide additional information and prices upon request.



Air Freight Symposium 2012 in Soest - Germany


March 14th and 15th of 2012, the kennel 101 team was invited to the Air Freight Symposium in Soest.
We had the opportunity to present our program. The affected carriers were very interested. Main topic was time and speed. We could show how fast a detector dog can search a specific number of parcels and pallets. Projected onto the air freight capacity of some carriers, we hit unbeatable times.



Selection test for green dogs at Kennel101 Germany

If a dog wants to become an explosive detection dog, it must pass a selection test. That goes along with a character test. The dogs on the pictures have no training so far. What you see is the usual test, if Kennel 101 Germany buys new dogs. Only high drive dogs with a very strong nervous system can pass this test. During the character test, a strange person will lift up the dog. The dog must be neutral and calm.



Training in a vehicle

here is recognizable like the dog finds (Explosive: RDX)   like he refers afterwards passively