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Police dogs

The police service dog as an aid of the physical power is used in

the today's time exclusively as a versatility dog, i.e. his task lies in

the sector of the police protection dog and trackhound.

To the fulfilment of these tasks the certain conditions are

necessary, which require an austere selection .


Health and physical loading capacity

Assessment   Set of teeth  X-ray  


Social behaviors

The social behavioral of the dogs is a duty 


Civil aggression desire / sharpness

you can see very well ( photo left & right ) that the dog wants to bite body / leg. He does not search the "arm" as a very prey-related sports dog would do.  




A police dog is not a sport dog and not a family dog. He is a work dog and he should live in a kennel if he is not working.
If you keep your dog like that, work pretty soon becomes the most important thing in his life. That always was the german philosophy in the past.
This dog is active aggressive on passiv prey. This type of dog will find a person hiding in a building even if the person lays on the ground and plays dead. He will find the person and the human scent alone will activate the aggression drive. No equipment is needed. No sleeve, not bite suit. A police dog handler can always count on this dog. The aggression drive geneticly is higher than the prey drive. That has nothing to do with training.



But the times and the people have changed. Most Police departments do not want the " old style police dog " any more.
There are reasons for it:
Most police dogs do not live in kennels any more. They are part of the family and must get along with all family members.
Some of those " old style police dogs " are dominat and not easy to handle.
Police dogs now must go to schools and kinder gardens for P.R.

The " new style police dog " must be very social. Question is: Can a police dog handler still count on this dog if he and his dog must search a building at night?
What if the bad guy lays down on the ground and does not move? Will the dog still find and fight the bad guy if there is no sleeve and no bite suit?. The answer is NO. Not without a special training. This dog is NOT active aggressive on passive prey. The prey drive is higher than the aggression drive.

It takes a good trainer and a very special conditioning to change a good sport dog into a good police dog. It will never be the same, but if the training is done right, the dog can also be a good police dog.


A special education for a detection dog is possible in the sectors of explosive detection dog, narcotic detection dog and trackhound.

If a dog fulfils all these conditions, it is possible to train him as a versatility dog.